Wine and alcohol bottles

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Bordelaise bottle 500ml clear

€0.97 excl tax

Bordelaise bottle 750ml clear

€0.79 excl tax

Bordeaux bottle 750ml green

€0.73 excl tax

Bourgogne bottle 375ml green

€0.88 excl tax

Bourgigne bottle 750ml

€0.91 excl tax

Bottle sparkling wine 750 ml green per 23

€1.03 excl tax
Perfect to bottled your sparkling wines, this bottle is to close with a PP cork for sparkling wine to seal with a wire cap.

Vermouth 1.000 ML Clear PP 31.5

€0.89 excl tax

Green Jug 1.000 ML PP 31.5

€0.87 excl tax

Wine and alcohol bottles